Release Website, Game daap and Character System.
Smart Contract audit
Marketing & KOLs Campaign
Q4 2021
Release Closed Beta Version
Listing on DEX
Mint NFT Anime Girls
Release NFT Marketplace
Release Play2Earn Function
Q1 2022
Listing on DEX
Update Game Mechanic
IIntroduce Toys & Pets NFT System to Metagirl World
Release Toys&Pets Minting Event
Introduce School Competition Mechanic (Player Versus Player)
School Ranking & Reward System
Q2 2022
KOLs Tournament
Introduce Balancing Game Economy System & Secondary Token System
Pet Upgrade System
Introduce Relationship System
Release Boyfriend NFT System & Minting
Q3 2022
Introduce Digital House NFT for Metagirl Character
Introduce Daily Life System & User Benefits
Mint NFT Digital House
Beta 3D Virtual Spaces of Digital House NFT
Q4 2022
Release 3D Metagirl Virtual Spaces with VR Compatible
Add Minigame & Simulation System to Metagirl World
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